Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The Grand Hotel in Sydney, Australia

The Grand Hotel The Grand Hotel
I stayed at the Grand Hotel in Sydney - a rather tall skinny building with ornate stonework, over a century old. The bottom three floors were a pub, with the upper floors having hotel rooms. Each room had a sink, with shared toilets and showers out in the hallway. The rooms looked much as they must have a century ago, except that a refrigerator and coffee maker were tucked into the wardrobe, the locks had been replaced with magnetic keys, and a ceiling fan and electric lights had been installed. They were clever when renovating - instead of ripping the walls apart to install light switches and such, they instead put remote control receivers in the ceiling lights. A remote control handset hung at the door, and you could take it to bed with you to turn out the lights without getting up. Very convenient, and something that could be used elsewhere! The hotel served a complimentary breakfast - warm milk, dry cereal, beer, toast, and Vegemite. Vegemite (made from the waste products of beer brewing) is ... interesting. Very salty, somewhat meaty, very strong tasting. Not BAD, just ... needs getting used to. After a few days, I hadn't started to LIKE it, but had started to EXPECT it for breakfast. I guess that's also why Australians need their morning beer, to wash down the taste.

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