Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Submarine in Sydney Harbour

Oberon-class submarine Oberon-class submarine
At the Maritime museum, I saw some interesting exhibits, and got to tour two ships. The last Australian big-gun destroyer is open to the public, and is rather fascinating - I got lots of photos for Kevvie-poo. There's also an Oberon-class submarine, the same as the ones Canada just recently scrapped. I got to tour it, and immediately learned that I do not want to be a submariner. 60+ people in a crowded tube the size of a mobile home for months at a time ... *shudders*. Had a nice long chat with a retired sailor, and learned many more reasons why it is best to stay on land. This is a photo of the forward torpedo loading hatch - it enters the pressure hull at an angle so that the torpedoes can be slid into position. It's a surprisingly large entryway.

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