Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hiking to the Runined Castle in Katoomba

Prince Of Wales Cliff Walk - Katoomba, Australia Prince Of Wales Cliff Walk - Katoomba, Australia
The next day was hot and beautiful. I filled up my Platypus water pouch with three litres of water, filled another 600-ml bottle with water, stuffed my pack with two loaves of still-warm sourdough bread from a nearby bakery, and headed off to hike to the Ruined Castle rock formation. I got lost on the way from the hostel and wandered through the suburbs of Katoomba for a bit, but finally got to the trail head. The hike was rated as medium/hard, six hour return, and the park recommended bringing warm clothing and rain gear, so I picked up a souvenir fleece jacket and rain poncho (and some plush koalas!) from a gift shop before starting down the cliff.

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