Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties


Waterfall Waterfall
Waterfalls are everywhere! Some of them are from streams pouring over the top of the cliff, while some of them seep out from sandstone layers partway down. Not all of them reach the bottom of the cliff, either - like this one, some collect in hollows partway down, and are reaborbed into the cliff to spring out elsewhere. This narrow fall plunges perhaps 100 metres through the open air before splashing to this set of ledges. Every few minutes, the wind blows so hard that the waterfall stops, and the cliff face for dozens of metres on each side is splattered with water droplets. This little trickle allows a small patch of amazingly green jungle to thrive here high up on a dry, windy rock face. I tried to time this for when the wind was low, but I still got my glasses and clothes splattered! The hot, dry, eucalyptus-scented wind soon fixed that.

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