Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Scrambing up a scree slope

After an hour or so, I got tired of blowing on the whistle. I reminded myself that I'm a professional engineer, I have a map, I have a reliable compass, I can do triginometry in my head, and I fucking aced my land surveying course.

I carefully navigated east, stopping to sight landmarks every 10 metres. I had to climb over some rather large rocks and scramble through some tough underbrush, but eventually I came to a scree slope that led up to a rock chimney.

My testicles snapped up into my abdomen again when I started up this slope. The rocks kept shifting, and if I slipped, the drop would be far steeper and more painful than my initial slide. Even the topsides of my fingers were sweating, and my fingertips kept slipping on the rocks - I now understand why professional climbers carry bags of chalk with them.

It wasn't even noon when I first slid down, but it was around 6 PM when I finally managed to get to the rock chimney. I had removed my pack and was using it like a grapnel, tossing it above my head so it would wedge between rocks and give me something to hang on to when stones shifted between my feet.

I sucked down three litres of water during this climb, but had no need to pee - it was all coming out as nervous sweat.

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