Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Australian Parliament Building

Australian Parliament Building Australian Parliament Building
Touristy shot, taken by a guy who guessed from my accent that I was Canadian, and from Toronto. He's an engineer too ... he invited me to a barbie in Melbourne if Phred-chan and I were available. I gave him a small bottle of maple syrup. The building is underground, surrounded by a deep moat cut in the rock. It's open to tourists, but when I went to the door a security guard was explaining to some women in hijabs that they might not want to visit, so I left. Interestingly, I had finished the book "Underground" the night before. It's an Australian science-fiction novel describing how a Bush-grovelling anti-Muslim Australian government suspends civil liberties and uses the parliament chamber to house imprisoned dissidents.

I've only occasionally wanted to hit people here. The other case was when a guy on the bus to Canberra kept telling me Canada's problem was that it let in too many non-white people.

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