Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Finally with Phred-chan!

Southern Cross Train Station, Melbourne Southern Cross Train Station, Melbourne
Canberra to Cootamundra by bus, and then by train through Wagga Wagga to Melbourne by train. On the train I had traditional Australian meat pies with sauce. The sauce is just a small packet full of tomato paste instead of ketchup. I asked what kind of meat was in the pies, and they said it was best not to ask. They also had Anzac cakes, which contain wattle seeds and other Australian stuff. Several bottles of wine washed the taste away.

Oddly, no Melbourne taxi driver knows how to get anywhere. Even after giving them instructions from Google Maps to get to the local hostel, and thence to Phred-chan's house, the taxi drivers both took precisely three minutes (with the meter running) to trace the route using a street atlas. Surely they'd know where King Street is by now!??

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