Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties


What happened? What happened?
Last night, I took my medication like I normally do, and started playing a video game. I have very sharp memories of what I was doing.

Suddenly, it's morning. I'm in my bed. My pants are off, but I'm still wearing the rest of my work clothes. My pillow is soaked with blood. I've peed myself, and I feel like I have a concussion. I hate concussions.

I buy toilet paper when it's on sale, and stack it against the door. It keeps out drafts and makes the apartment warmer. The toilet paper is moved, as if the door has been opened halfway.

The bookcase that was near the door is halfway across the room. It had to have been flung with some force, as it cleared the chair next to it.

There's a pool of blood on the floor. There are bloodstains all over my apartment.

My head hurts.

This is awful. I just cleaned this place, and now I have to do it again!

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