Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I got to ride in an ambulance!

So, after my last post I walked to the local clinic across the road from work. Not far, about 1.5 kilometres, but I had to pause and rest several times as I kept getting dizzy. The doctor at the clinic checked my blood pressure and pupils, and then called 911. My blood pressure was 90 over 56, which is apparently low. The fire department got there first, and kept me company until the ambulance crew arrived. It was really embarrassing to have such a crowd.

I then spent the day at the hospital getting stitches, a tetanus shot, a CAT scan, an EKG, and frequent checks of my blood pressure and pupils. I had some nice chats with others in the waiting rooms while I sat; we compared wounds and tried to impress each other. Finally my blood pressure got back up to 111, which seemed to be the magic number, and the radiologist said there wasn't any swelling in my brain, and they said it was safe for me to go home.

Apparently I'll have a scar like Harry Potter when the stitches come out, except in the middle of my forehead.
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