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Photos from my trip to San Francisco - Day 1, Part 2

Homeless people with luggage Homeless people with luggage At first I thought San Francisco had no homeless people. Then I learned that the police arrest them if they sit down. Whenever I travel, I often ask street people for advice. They usually know good, inexpensive places to try local food, and have many interesting stories about local history. For example, when visiting Chicago, a street person introduced me to a place where we had the best pizza ever. However, the street people in SF seemed too scared to talk to me, and wanted to know why I was approaching them. Oddly, homeless people in SF have a lot of luggage, usually several suitcases with wheels, or even a shopping cart. Toronto homeless people usually just have a backpack, and in winter, a sleeping bag. Perhaps it's harder to find inexpensive places to store things in SF? Despite food being so cheap in SF, the homeless here seem to be scrawnier, with worse teeth and in poorer overall health. They also have no opportunity to wash. One homeless person I talked to said that there was only one shelter that had showers, and they charged $3 to use them; you have to provide your own soap and towel, too. People thus tend to smell, which makes it harder to find a job that would allow them to pay to get clean..
Antique Italian streetcar Antique Italian streetcar San Francisco's streetcar system has both modern vehicles and antique cars. This early 20th-century specimen was originally from Milan. I got to ride it - very elegant woodwork inside!
Antique PCC streetcar Antique PCC streetcar This is an antique PCC streetcar currently in use in San Francisco. It's been refurbished, and has an electronic fare collection system, but otherwise is still in original condition.
Antique PCC streetcar Antique PCC streetcar This streetcar has been made wheelchair-accessible; a portable platform fits through the wide middle doors, connecting the interior deck to the concrete ramp at the streetcar stops. The interior has been refurbished to its original appearance, and the car is in continuous daily use.
Light wells Light wells In Toronto, steel grills allow light (and snow and slush) to trickle down to basement windows. In San Francisco, sturdy glass inserts allow light to pass through, while dirt and bad weather remains on the sidewalk. At night, the light from the basement causes the sidewalk inserts to glow beautifully. This is an excellent San Francisco idea that should be adopted everywhere.
Government building Government building This government building has gold trim - very shiny and impressive.

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