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Roommate update

My parke_matrulittle sister is visiting for a month or so. It's nice having her here. But wait - isn't it a bit crowded with that other guy there, since it's just a 13'x17' basement room? Fortunately, no.

Three weeks ago, someone posted on Craigslist that he had been kicked out of his house by his abusive husband, hadn't had a chance to grab anything including his wallet or ID, was now homeless, didn't have anything to eat, and needed a place to stay. It was on the internet, so it must be legitimate, right? So, I left work at lunchtime, and bought him a meal at a local restaurant. He didn't eat that much, as he was rather full, so we got his food wrapped to go, so I gave him my spare key and walked him to my place. I ran back to work while he got cleaned up, checked his e-mail on my computer, and took a nap.

After work, I came home. He was finishing a six-pack of imported beer. He said that he had found a gift card to the Beer Store in his wallet, so although he was broke he was able to get something to help him calm his nerves. I gave him some clean clothes to wear, and he watched hockey on my laptop whike I did his laundry.

He said that he needed $500 for a ticket to Vancouver to live with his brother, and if I gave him cash now he'd give me $1000 via Western Union after he got there. I explained that Western Union sadly didn't want my business any more (long story). He then told me a long story about his ex-husband's job as a defence attorney, until I fell asleep.

The next day, he showed me the new clothes that he had bought. A pair of shorts didn't fit him, so he gave them to me. He told me another long story about his ex-husband's job as a prosecuting attorney. He said that his brother in Vancouver owed him $5000, and was sending me a cheque for that amount, in exchange for me covering his trip west. I said that I'd be glad to go and cash it for him at the bank when it arrived, since he lacked ID of his own.

He said he had talked to the superintendant of the building he and his ex-husband lived in; his ex had changed the locks, but the superintendant would let him in with a locksmith since his name was on the mortage and he had his ID. He just needed $200 for a locksmith. I said that the locksmith was cheating him, there were cheaper ones around. I helped him google some, and found one that only charged $45. He said he wasn't all that trusting of the guy's quality, and thought a more expensive locksmith would cause less damage to the locks. I pointed out that he cared too much about scratches on the doorknobs of his ex's place. Plus he didn't have $200, but he could borrow the $45 in loonies that I had saved for the coin-operated laundry room.

After I came home from work the next day, I noticed that he was gone. My laundry money was gone too, along with the clothes I had loaned him, my best laptop and other portable electronics. Plus, oddly, the towel he had used.

He left my CDs. I was rather insulted that he did not appreciate my taste in music.
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