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He got my rent money too

I always try to keep enough cash, in small bills, on hand to cover a bit more than a month's rent.  If my bank messes up my account, or if I lose my job or something, I want to have a roof over my head for a month while I try to fix things.  Plus when friends are in need, I can quickly give them a wad of money.   I also have cash from other countries - leftover US money I had from my recent visit to my friends in California, Australian money as a souvenir from visiting Phred-chan in Australia, Malaysian ringits, and a leftover Deutschemark from when I backpacked through Europe.

Recently, someone on Craigslist posted that they needed a place to stay.  I let him stay at my place.  He took my laptop, laundry money, new headphones, some clothes and other things, and my dignity.  I was still somewhat amused, because he left too early - I was about to loan him the money I had stashed away for rent.  But, he was greedy, and left before he could milk the cow dry.

Today, I wanted to give my sister some money so she could buy lunch this week.  I went to my secret rent-money stash (hidden under a huge pile of junk), and ... found nothing.

I have no idea how he located it.  I hid it there thinking that if it takes me five minutes to dig it out, it would take anyone else forever to find it. 

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