Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

New feature outside my door

Coming back from the laundry room, I noticed something new above my door. Someone had hard-wired a video camera onto the wall, with cabling running into the boiler room next door to my room.

Security camera

I suppose my landlord wants to keep tabs on the contractors coming to perform the city-mandated repairs to the building. Oddly, the security camera isn't aimed towards the boiler room door (on the left). Instead, it is angled to capture imagery of anyone approaching my door (on the right). I checked - none of my neighbors have cameras outside their doors. Or maybe they do, but they're better hidden.

Security camera closeup

Perhaps my landlord would let me tap into the video feed from it. On cold winter days, I could check the weather from my laptop, without having to crawl out from under my warm goosedown duvet to look out the window.
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