Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

In Albania

First impressions:

The land explains the history. Wide flat plains with lush green fields and meandering loops of river, with ABRUPT transition to steep mountains. Tiny patches of green fields in isolated mountain valleys, as separated from the neighboring valley as if it was on a different planet.

Houses are stone or concrete cubes, three stories high. The lower floors have small dark windows. The top floor has balconies, lots of lights, and a dinner party going on in every second one.

The city is DARK. The streets are well lit, but there is no light coming from windows. At 5:30 PM, the banks, offices, and universities are totally dark. Even the hallways have no lights. Houses and apartments have bright light coming from ONE window, with no porch lights or light from any other room. It`s bright and cheery where people are, but the lights go off the instant a room or hallway empties. The stairwell in my hotel was dark until I tripped the sensor.

My room has marble floors, an intricate molded plaster ceiling, and a weird shower. It has a square tray with a drain, but no doors or shower curtain to keep water from splashing outside the tray. Hence my floor is wet.

To sleep now.
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