Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Efficient government offices

One interesting thing about Albania is that their government services are EFFICIENT.

At Customs, they had as many officers as the US has at LAX, with a fraction of the traffic. An entire 737 of passengers was processed in 10 minutes. They were thorough but polite. I did not feel violated or embarrassed the way I've felt after entering the US.

At the post office, there was no waiting. I walked right to an open window to a clerk who politely listened to my bad Albanian, took the time to help me with my pronunciation, and helped me put stamps on my postcards. After I was done, there were no other customers to be served, so she started doing some type of data entry on a computer. That might be how the Albanian government manages to provide such good service, by cross training clerks as front-end staff.

Everyone I have met has been polite, cheerful, and friendly. Everyone is honest and kind, too. Whenever I accidently hand them a Euro instead of a Lek (100 times as different), they correct my mistake instead of profiting from the dumb tourist.
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