Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Google knows all

I left Albania at 6 AM and took a furgon to Prishtina, Kosovo. I didn't know you could cram 20 seats into a van. I'm now in a small apartment with a balcony looking out over the city. The landlady keeps thinking of ways to cheat and gouge me, ignoring the prices quoted over the internet, but at 20 €, I don't mind.

The creepy thing is, as soon as I turned on Google Maps on my cheap tablet, it identified not only the city I am in, but it identified the exact corner of the building I am in (and it's not the main building owned by the landlady, but a secondary building). This tablet does not have GPS or cell capabilities. The position indicated moves slightly as my wifi signal strength wavers, which indicates how they are doing it. Impressive.
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