Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Wien, Osterreich

I am currently in a fairly nice room in an ancient hotel in Wien. It looks out over a courtyard. No view, but it's quiet.

Wien is just like Toronto, except with better public transit. The buildings are a bit overdone, though. Toronto has some nice stone buildings with ornate carvings, such as Old City Hall and The Hudson's Bay Company. Wien has those everywhere, but with carvings an order of magnitude more ornate. And with gold gilding. And statues in niches. And intricate fretwork in between the carvings. And then a giant vomited a wedding cake over everything. If this was a video game I'd say it was unrealistic and over-the-top, but this is the real thing. I went "ooooh!" at first, but then actually felt nauseated from it all.

Or maybe that's because I'm fighting off a cold. So, I've mostly stayed in my room, wandering out to look at overly-ornate architecture and get juice.

They have donairs as street-vendor food, which is an advantage over Toronto. They aren't as good as an Albanian or Canadian donair, though.

I had schnitzle, which is basically chicken meat put through rollers until it is paper-thin' then breaded and deep-fried. Not bad.

They must have had pretty strict zoning laws for the past millenim here. Except for cathedrals and such, every building is the same height. A 500-year-old inn is exactly as tall as the 300-year-old palace next to it, which is the same height as the shopping mall halfway across town.

The weirdest difference from Toronto is that it's all white people here. It subconsciously makes me uneasy, as if aliens are taking over or I'm having a nightmare where I'm trapped in a US sitcom. The lack of diversity in Albania (where half the population could have been clones, even wearing the exact same Adidas tracksuit) and Kosovo didn't stand out as strongly to me because so much else was different. However, since this place is so much like home, the weird sameness of the crowds creeps me out. It's like when I visited California or Alabama in that respect.

I have a very nice bathroom in my room. For once, it's not tiled floor-to-ceiling with marble. This one is tiled with granite. It has a shower with curved doors that slide together to form a hermetic seal. I can now shower and not worry about splashing!

I must say, that does take the challenge out of it. I was getting rather good at showering neatly.

My bathroom also has a real luxury - a towel warmer plumbed into the heating system! I washed some clothes in the sink, and am now using the warmer to dry them.
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