Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Wien transit

In Toronto subway stations, you have pass through waist-high turnstiles to get into the system. The turnstiles are unlocked by dropping a token into a slot, swiping a magnetic strip, or (newly installed at some stations) waving an RFID card. One turnstile may have a human there, to whom you can pay cash or show a paper transfer.

A large and expensive part of Toronto subway station design involves separation of paid-fare and unpaid zones. Wheelchair access is cumbersome, especially for older stations, as people must get on on elevator to get to the turnstile mezzanine, pass through a gate, and then gt on another elevator to get to the platform level.

in Wien, you just walk right in to the station, and down a single escalator to the platform. If you are in a wheelchair, you take a single elevator down. No turnstiles. No barriers. No gates. There's a vending machine to get your tickets, but nobody checks to see that you have one.

I don't know what the fare evasion rate is, but I like a system that assumes its customers are all honest.
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