Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

In Prague

I took the train from Wien to Praha. Even second class was comfortable and pleasant. The train car was even quieter than a Via Rail train in Canada. The trackbed was very well maintained, with concrete rail ties and large stones for ballast. Trains leaving Toronto are usually packed full, but this train was two-thirds empty.

The toilets on Via Rail trains are dimly lit, with a door right next to an unfortunate passenger. The toilets on this train had access through the vestibule, and had a huge frosted-glass window to let in light. Unlike Via Rail trains, it wasn't wheelchair-accessible.

On the way, I ate some plum pastries (not prune, somehow, they did taste like plums) and some Munster cheese that I had purchased the night before. Munster has the intensity of old Cheddar without the sharpness, and is softer. At least this piece was, after being squished at the bottom of my backpack.

I am now in a nice apartment in an ancient building, on Konviktska street. It's right near a huge number of beautiful buildings. Of course, that describes most places in Prague. Like Wien, there are carvings and gilding everywhere.

The apartment has the exact same toilet, shower stall, and towel warmer as my place in Wien! There must have been a sale. The only difference is that the tips at ceramic, not granite or marble.

This apartment is bigger than my place in Toronto, and probably cheaper to rent by the month, too. It has a kitchen, and a bedroom separate from the living/dining area. There are huge windows that let in a lot of light.

Off to buy some Czech groceries!

(and once again, my cheap Android tablet auto-located the city as soon as I turned it on)
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