Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Home-cooked gourmet Czech dinner

I've been on the road for two weeks, eating in restaurants or snacking on street food. Now that I'm renting an apartment with a kitchen and utensils, and now that I have a proper dining room, I want a home-cooked meal.

So, I went to a traditional Czech grocery store near my apartment, called "Tesco", in a basement accessible by escalator. Fruits and vegetables were more expensive than in Albania or Kosovo, but still far cheaper than in Canada. I got some very nice tomatoes to go with the meal, and some Clementines for dessert. For the main course, I went to the refrigerated prepared-meals section. One package caught my eye. It showed a wonderful duck dinner. I couldn't translate most of it, but the ingredients list had an impressive amount of spices and herbs in it. The package also had icons indicating it was ready to serve after heating.

When I got home, I opened the package. It had six round brown spheres, like giant Czech meatballs, with interesting lumps and bits of herbs sticking out. Not like the pictures, but they did smell very savoury.

As the heated, the apartment filled with smells that reminded me of October in Canada, around Thanksgiving time. I served myself one of the spice brown balls, and took a picture to post. The ball had retained its shape well during the heating. I then tried my first bite of this exotic Czech dish.

It was pre- prepared breadcrumb dressing.
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