Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Idea: Streetcar Restaurant

Toronto has purchased new, low-floor electric streetcars for its public transit system.

What if the old streetcars were renovated with tables and chairs, and turned into mobile restaurants?

Outside of rush-hour, these streetcars would cruise through the city, providing a constantly-changing view for diners. To maximize dining space, there wouldn't be a kitchen, just a small prep area with cutlery, coffee urns, and spare table linens. The streetcar restaurant would partner with an existing non-mobile restaurant on the streetcar line. Waitstaff would text orders to to the non-mobile restaurant, and pick up the meals and other supplies when they reached that stop. The non-mobile restaurant would also provide the mandatory restroom and handwashing facilities necessary to pass health inspection.

There might be problems with serving alcohol with the meals. It's illegal in this province to have anyone consuming alcohol in a vehicle on a public road, even in the back of a limo or other situation where the passengers are separated from the driver. A streetcar line might or might not count as a road.

By partnering with an existing restaurant, the startup costs would be low, but the operating costs could be large. Insurance and fees charged by the transit commission would be the key factors.
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