Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Argument with my mother

Tonight, my mother, my father, and I were sitting in the living room reading and talking. We started talking about my earliest memories, and then eventually discussed my early childhood and school days. My mom started reminiscing fondly about various punishments I had received, including ones where I was knowingly punished for the behavior of my peers. I pointed out that it wasn't fair for me to have been punished for things others did, when I had no authority over them, and when retaliation against them would result in further punishment. My mom pointed out that the punishments were all in good fun, and that no permanent damage resulted, and that it was actually good for me to ...

At that point, I interrupted [bad], disagreed [even badder], and firmly said that I did not enjoy it at the time, and I did not enjoy being told now that it was a positive thing [extremely bad thing for me to say].

My mom is no longer talking to me. I may need to get a taxi to take me to the airport tomorrow.
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