Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Even more gym blathering

Today, Mike recommended that I deliberately hurt myself before doing squats. Specifically, he wants me to use a foam roller on my legs. After that, he wants me to sit on a small ball so it grinds into my glutes. Very painful.


He also recommends that I warm up for squats by putting a bosu ball against the wall, holding it in place with the small of my back. I'll then put the heel of one foot on the wall, toes on the floor. The other foot is forward on the floor, far enough that the knee never goes past the toes. Then, I'll squat 10x, focusing on glutes, and switch legs.

When I said that friends suggested a cross grip, and said friends said I shouldn't be choking when doing squats, he was surprised that I had friends. Mike then explained that a cross grip works the back less than an Olympic grip, and suggested that I just use two fingers to hold the bar to reduce the stress on my wrists.

Mike also suggested some exercises for my limp wrists. Pretty simple - sit with your forearms resting on your thighs and your hands hanging past your knees, and then curl up weights using only your wrists. Palm-up and palm-down curls will work most of your wrist muscles. I didn't even know that I had wrist muscles.

To make me less limp-wristed, he also suggested that I hang a weight on a string from a stick. With my arms out straight, I'd wind up the string on the stick to lift the weight, then let it down.

To tighten up my flabby middle, he suggested I get down on all fours, then stick right arm straight forward and up, and my left leg straight back and up (heel as high as possible). I'd then bring them down, and touch my left knee with my right hand. Repeat 10X, then switch legs and arms.

Next exercise: Lie on back, legs straight in the air, small of back flat on floor. Lower legs slowly until small of back starts to lift, then raise again. Repeat.

To keep shoulders from locking up once I get actual muscle: stand flat against wall - glutes, shoulders, head touching. Hold arms flat against wall, bent at 90 degrees, Raise arms while keeping flat against wall.
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