Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Gym blather and choking myself

At the gym, I tried to get Mike to show me the proper way to do a cross grip when squatting, so I wouldn't spin the bar around and whack someone on the head. He refused, and tried to get me to do the Olympic grip again. I said no, as lostina_forest had said that I shouldn't wreck my already limp and weak wrists. So, he showed me another technique, where I hold my arms out straight, rest the bar against my throat, then raise and clasp my hands. It does avoid stress on my wrists. However, the bar either rolls back and crushes the cartilage of my trachea, or rolls forward and falls onto the floor.

So, Mike suggested I get those straps that you can wrap around the bar to give you a handle to grab on. Does anyone know what they're called, so I can look for a local store that sells them?
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