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Free Books

I'm doing some spring cleaning, and am looking for new homes for books that I am not planning to re-read. If you'd like any of them, and are in the Toronto area (or if I might visit you someday), please let me know what you'd like. Books with no takers by next Saturday will be donated to the local library.


  • Arctic Labyrinth - Glyn Williams

  • Fordlandia - Greg Grandin - Henry Ford built a town in Brazil for havesting rubber for his factories

  • The Donut: A Canadian History - Steve Penfold - a history of doughnut shops in Canada before Tim Hortons

  • Hot, Flat, Crowded - Thomas L. Friedman - a prediction of our near future

  • FREE - Chris Anderson - about open-source movements and such

  • How The Mind Words - Steven Pinker - neuropsychology made somewhat simple

  • The Dirt On Clean - Katherine Ashenburg - why bathing and washing clothes is now popular

  • Other People's Dirt - Louise Rafkin - why being a housecleaner sucks

  • Urban Meltdown - Chris Doucet - climate change and expensive oil will make cities suck

  • The Battle of Stalingrad - Edwin P. Hoyt - part of WWII on the Eastern Front

Nonfiction books to give away

LGBT Stuff

  • Intolerable - Kamal Al Solaylee - depressing memoir

  • Transposes - Comics by FtM artists

  • Dancin' Nekkid With The Angels - Howard Cruse - comics staring gay character Wendel

  • Shadoweyes - comic about a future city with a trans kid with an alien (or who IS an alien)

  • Beach Reading - gay romance

  • The Very Bloody Marys - gay romance/mystery/?

  • Eminent Outlaws - biographies of important LGBT people

  • Autopornography - autobiography of Scott O'Hara

LGBT books to give away

Fiction (mostly science fiction)

  • Shiva Descending - Gregory Benford and William Rotsler - a comet heads towards Earth.

  • Double Planet - John Gribben and Marcus Chown - a comet heads towards Earth.

  • The Goliath Stone - Matthew Joseph Harrington and some jerk - a comet heads towards Earth. In a twist, it has intelligent robots on it. harvey_rrit is the amusing smartass who obviously did most of the writing, but top credit is given to an asshole on my don't-bother-reading list. Sadly, the interjections by the asshole overwhelmed the decent rest-of-the-book.

  • Monument 14 - Emmy Laybourne - SIGNED COPY. Catastrophe with earthquakes, chemical spills, etc. Two schoolbuses of kids take refuge in a Walmart.

  • The Kindness of Women - J.G. Ballard

  • Cannery Row - John Steinbeck

  • Distraction - Bruce Sterling

  • Zenith Angle - Bruce Sterling

  • Perfect Dark Initial Vector - Greg Rucka

  • Day One - Nate Kenyon - an AI comes to life and tries to destroy someone for vague reasons. It makes a non-internet-connected floor lamp explode and send shards of glass to kill someone. It makes a coffee-maker somehow explode. It takes over a copier and uses the paper feed to painfully pinch someone's fingers. It somehow makes the latch on an emergency door jam, despite there being no wiring. It then gets more implausible from there.

  • Elfhome - Wen Spencer - a human city gets sucked into an alternate universe with elves. Not bad; this is a duplicate copy.

  • Eight Million Gods - Wen Spencer - an American anime fan visits Japan and gets caught up in the actions of ancient Japanese gods. Entertaining.

  • King John of Canada - Scott Gardiner - Canada replaces Queen Elizabeth with a monarch chosen by lottery. Good, not good enough to re-read.

  • Himmler's War - Robert Conroy - WWII if Hitler had died and been replaced by Himmler

  • Dog and Dragon - Dave Freer - an intelligent dog and a dragon have adventures looking for their human

  • The House of Rumor - Jake Arnott - unsure if there was meant to be a plot with this

  • Empire of the Sun - J.G. Ballard - the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong from the view of a previously-privileged kid

  • Cast In Peril - Michelle Sagara - SIGNED COPY

  • Ben Bova - Titan

  • Darwin's Elevator - Jason M. Hough - humanity lives at the base of a space elevator. If they move too far away, they turn into zombies. Some people are immune, and can search the wreckage outside the safe zone.

  • The Course of Empire - Eric Flint and K.D. Wentworth - Earth long after aliens have invaded

  • Black Man - Richard Morgan

  • Broken Angels - Richard Morgan

Fiction books to give away
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