Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Dating, work, and retirement

At work, Jona asked me, "How's your love life?" She is very religious, and I am very gay, so that was an odd question from her. She said that I had seemed happier recently, so she was wondering if I had met someone.

For the past year and a bit, I've been feeling broken, defective, unworthy of a relationship, and afraid to inflict myself upon others. Then I met Sandy. We've only gone on two dates, and it's too early to tell, but I like him. Apparently there is a visible effect on my behaviour.


Despite this, I am quite grumpy at work. My officemate is moving to a new role, and another person is trying to fill her place. He's a good guy, but I can't help but be irritated with all the mistakes as he learns his new job.


I may need to find a new job. For the past nine years, I have been building aircraft navigation systems that guide civilian passenger aircraft safely to their destinations. My company is now interested in making navigation systems that guide military devices on a one-way trip to visit civilians. The system is specifically intended for soft targets. I may be told to work on this program if we get the business. At that time, I may need to decide if I want to find a job elsewhere.


At the gym, Mike finally got me to do a perfect squat, while not choking myself with the bar and while not breaking my wrists. I was so proud - for the first time, my muscles understood what they were supposed to do. I then fell backwards. The last thing I saw before I hit the floor was a heavy steel bar coming right at my head. Fortunately, the bar hit the safeties on the weight frame, so all was well.


The job market is tight, so many younger people have no work. They have no experience, either, which makes it harder to compete for the few jobs that do exist. Some companies offer to hire younger workers at pay less than minimum wage, or at no wage at all, so that people can gain experience to get hired at regular pay. Of course, the companies never do hire people for proper pay; they just get another batch of desperate young people to work for "experience" and a hope of possibly getting a real job. This is illegal in my province, and a violation of the Employment Standards Act.

One financial company handles my pension investments, while another handles my retirement savings plan. Last year, I was surprised to find that both of them were running want ads for illegal "unpaid interns". I reported this to both companies. One of them took action after much prodding. The other promised to obey the law ... and then I caught them breaking it again. After I pointed this out again, they promised to obey the law going forward.

I caught the company breaking the law again last week. I reported it, and their vice president called me and promised they would obey the law, and this time they really meant it. Which is what they said after the second time I caught them. I'm meeting with my investment rep on Thursday to transfer my investments elsewhere.

Does anyone have any recommended investment firms with offices in the Toronto area? If you get perks for recommending new clients, I will tell them you sent me.
Tags: human rights, sandy
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