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My integrity has a price, and it is $11,000

My retirement funds (meagre as they are) are handled by a major financial company. I caught them repeatedly advertising for unpaid interns, giving them "valuable experience" instead of minimum wage, in violation of provincial law. Despite repeated promises to obey the law and stop exploiting young, desperate unemployed people, they couldn't help themselves and ran the same ads again and again. So, I told them that I couldn't deal with a company that behaved like that, and said I wanted to take my retirement investments elsewhere.

So, last Thursday, I met with my financial adviser. He said that he respected my decision, and that I had the right to go elsewhere if they failed to meet my expectations of ethical and legal behavior. He had drawn up the paperwork, and all I needed to do was sign on the line next to the X. Oh, and the company would charge me a small amount in back-loaded fees if I signed. Slightly more than $11,000 in fees.

I then said that I would give them one last chance to fix their behaviour. It wasn't because of the money, but because he was such a good, trustworthy adviser that I couldn't bear to go to another company. He said he was glad that I was so forgiving, and that I was willing to work with them to help them become a better company.

Now I feel dirty and unclean.
Tags: human rights
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