Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Dating and gym

Saturday, after teaching, I showered for the second time of the day, put on a nice new shirt, got my hair cut, and then went on a date with Sandy. We met at the Scotiabank theatre downtown, and then ate at a local Indian restaurant he liked. Very good food, and we both had two baskets of naan each. Then we went to see "Her", a very good movie about someone falling in love with an artificial intelligence.

One thing that I liked about the movie is how it could use the AI-human relationships to comment on human-human relationships. Some people were upset about AI-human relationships, while others were accepting; this could be used as a parable for interracial relationships, serodiscordant relationships, same-sex relationships, and cis-trans relationships.

We took the streetcar to the subway, and parted ways. I gave him an awkward half-hug goodbye. I probably messed that up.


At the gym today, I found that I weigh just a smidgen under 200 lbs. My squats and benchpresses (both 5 x 5) are at 110 lbs, while I deadlifted 200 lbs (5 x 5). Interestingly, while deadlifting, I felt something give a warm squirt inside my body. I suddenly felt really, really good. This is the second time I've felt an endorphin burst while lifting heavy things. I think I understand how people can get addicted to drugs.
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