Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties


I worked 55.5 hours last week. Not that huge an amount (in September 1999, I once worked 24 continuous hours), but it wore me out. So, aside from teaching Saturday morning and going to the gym Sunday evening, I slept and slept and slept all weekend.

I may have slept more because of my new method for holding my CPAP mask in place. After putting on my CPAP mask, I pull a ski mask over my head, backwards so the breathing hole is at the back. The fabric holds the mask in place, so I don't dislodge it as I toss around; with the air hose providing constant flow, I don't need a hole in the ski mask to breath. The mask muffles the sound of my neighbors, and blocks the light so dawn doesn't wake me.

On the weekend, there was a brief moment of spring-like weather. I dragged my lawn chair outside, and brought out a thermos of coffee so I could sit and enjoy the sun. For about five minutes, I sat and let light pour down onto my face. Then my cheeks and fingers started going numb in the chill wind. Sadly, it's not spring yet.

Tonight, I decided to try making a smoothie. I got out my blender, and tossed in two bananas, a few apples, and 1.5 kg of carrots. The blender just made whirring noises until I added a little water; then it quickly turned everything into a smooth creamy orange. It wasn't bad, and tasted surprisingly sweet. I drank a few cups, then realized that I had just consumed the fibrous equivalent of a kilo of fruits and vegetables. Tomorrow shall be interesting.

I'm trying something that may be slightly environmentally friendly. Over the winter, I've eaten most of the food in my freezer. Freezers operate more efficiently when full. In summer, cooking food gives off waste heat that makes you miserable, so you need to waste energy running fans or air conditioners. In winter, cooking food gives off waste heat that makes you comfortable and warms your home for free. In summer, I use a lot of cooked chickpeas to make hummus. So, I am now heating my apartment at night using my slow cooker, simmering huge batches of chickpeas. In the morning, I shovel them into ziploc bags and put them in my freezer. In the summer, I won't need to heat up my place to make hummus.

OK, drinking a kilo of pureed carrots is not a good idea.
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