Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Interesting weekend

magi_tek_moogle sent me a video of him doing various physical activities, so I was watching it several times Saturday morning, and doing various physical activities of my own. I was distracted slightly by the smell of my landlord's cigarettes, which seemed to be drifting in through my open window. As I was finishing up my activities, I heard a knock at my door. After wrapping myself in a blanket, I answered it, and found my landlord. He said that a neighbor of mine (Doug in #33) was having computer problems, and that I needed to help him now. I said maybe later.

I really, really want to get an apartment that is not on the ground floor.

I went downtown and got my hair cut at a shop in the Gay Village, and then met Sandy at the subway station. We decided we were in the mood for Indian food; Sandy wasn't fond of the restaurant right across from the subway station, but we both loved another restaurant on Queen Street West, so we took the subway and streetcar there. We ate and talked, and talked and ate. I consumed far too much fresh naan. We took the streetcar to Spadina subway station, we hugged, and parted.

STILL no physical interaction other than hugging. I like being with Sandy no matter what, but it would be nice if we did more stuff. My grandmother gets more action than I do. Actually, perhaps not - during the cruise, she was telling me about how her boyfriend was less fun after his prostate surgery.

Sunday morning, I went to the gym. Mike showed me how to properly do bent-over rows without hurting my back (start from a fully-down deadlift position). Once again, he tried to teach me how to do cleans. Unfortunately, my body can't grasp the concept. He also showed me that I can do situps while curling my back one vertebrae at a time, and avoid the pain that makes me avoid exercising my core.

I then went to do my volunteer tutoring at the library. As recommended by the school board volunteer coordinator, Deita and I found interesting newspaper articles, and she read them out loud to me. I then dictated the article to her, and she wrote it down. This practices both her reading and writing skills, and is faster than having her do creative writing.

When I got back, I started doing laundry, but was interrupted by Doug (from apartment #33), who wanted to know when I would be fixing his computer. I finished up, and then went to see what was going on. Looked like a bad monitor cable, but it was stuck in place by his monitor support so we couldn't unplug it. I ran back to my apartment, and brought him my computer monitor to use until he could get the monitor support pried off. He then asked me to set up Skype for him. I did, but ran into problems when he didn't have a microphone. I ran back to my apartment, and brought him my headset to use. He then asked me to fix all the porn popups on his computer. His wife agreed, saying that they were really interfering with their browsing. I said that it would take quite some time to fix that, perhaps some other time. He asked me what time I got off work tomorrow. I made vague comments, and said I had to leave. He did invite me to use their barbecue in the summer, but I don't think I'll take him up on that.

Now home, and sleep!
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