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Visiting a friend

Last weekend, I went to visit a friend in Kitchener (plus his collection of cats). I got to ride one of the nice double-decker GO buses; it was quite comfortable. He has an awesome, huge loft apartment. It was a bit cluttered, though, and the cats had filled the corners with drifts of shedded fur. So, I started running his dishwasher, and loaded up all the washing machines in the basement laundry room. He and I then started using an automotive technique, 5S, to sort through his things. We found a lot of pharmaceuticals in odd places. He identified a large quantity of things that would be better off with his friends than in his apartment, and we carried out a fair amount of trash before we became too stressed to continue.


While I was there, we also met and ate with many of his friends.

We went to Moose Winoski's (a restaurant), and had a late dinner with a friend of his in marketing. The friend had a fake black Amex card, which was interesting. My friend and his friend spent the meal using the "Grindr" app on their phones to look for nearby people wanting to have sex with them. It was quite amazing how many people were within a few hundred metres who wanted to hook up.

We went to what used to be my favourite Chinese dinner in Waterloo, and had lunch with another friend of his. I got to have my former favourite dishes there - it's just not the same flavour at any of the restaurants in Toronto.

We ate breakfast at Mel's Diner (a new one, not at the location that burned down near the univiersity) with a friend of his in politics. He's also involved in software startups, which was interesting to learn about.

Finally, we had an elegant dinner at the apartment of some other friends of his, who also are in politics. Apparently the upcoming provincial election means a lot of frantic work for everyone.

That night I had a meltdown because my lungs seized up from all the second-hand pot smoke and hash fumes mixed with dust and cat fur, and I couldn't breathe. He did his best to calm me down, and didn't freak out about my uncoolness. I tried to distract myself by setting up his cat Milo with an account on some sex-finding app. "Attractive black male, sleek body, very hairy. Athletic, runs daily. Into rough-and-tumble play, mild scratching and biting. Let me pounce on your tail now". Milo immediately got an invite to meet up from someone in the building next door. My friend asked me to stop corrupting the innocence of his pets.

I got some sleep, and then took the double-decker GO train back to Toronto Monday morning to go to work.
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