Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

A walk in the park

Saturday, Sandy and I went on a picnic.

I overpacked. Six ham-and-swiss-cheese sandwiches. A container of almonds. A container of cashews. A container of chocolate-covered almonds. Sliced Ontario greenhouse cucumbers. Vine-ripened Ontario greenhouse tomatoes. Odd hybrid brown Ontario greenhouse tomatoes. Bananas. Iced tea. Too much food for us to eat, and I had to carry it with us all day. I had also brought a single umbrella in case it rained, in hopes that we could share it together and cuddle close to keep warm and dry.

After an hour on the bus and subway, I met up with him at High Park Station. Sadly for my cuddling hopes, it was beautiful, sunny, and dry. We had a very pleasant stroll, looking at the blossoms just starting to appear on the Sakura trees. There were cormorants on the lake, and we saw trees where beavers had chewed on the trunks. I got badly sunburnt, and Sandy turned a delightful pink. We talked and walked and talked and walked, stopping to sit on a bench and snack now and then.

It only seemed like an hour had passed, but it was suddenly evening. We got back on the subway, and quickly hugged as he got off at his stop.

Afterwards, he sent me a photo he had taken of me in the park. His e-mail said, "Thanks for sharing the day with me! hopefully I will get the chance to steal a kiss one day."

Tags: sandy
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