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Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Walk by the lake

Long, stressful week at work. It's going to be worse for the next two weeks. My friend Aresh, who was in the hospital due to a heart attack, had his driver's license taken away. So, he's now taking a two-hour ride on public transit to get to work, each way. I gave him my Kobo tablet loaded with videos, plus my earphones, so he will at least have something to watch.

Saturday morning at 10 AM, Sandy and I met at Fabernak, the awesome restaurant connected to the LGBT community centre. We had typical brunch food, but their chefs-in-training managed to make it special. Or maybe it was the company. We talked and talked, and it was suddenly past noon. The staff kindly did not try to rush us out to free up the table.


When Sandy went to the gender-free washrooms in the community centre (a nice feature!), I paid the bill, and told the staff to keep the change. As usual, they didn't accept any tips, and put the change right into the donation jar for the community centre instead. Fabernak prides itself on not just providing job training, it also prides itself on paying a minimum wage so that its staff don't need tips to live.

We walked all the way down to Lake Ontario, and then strolled along the waterfront. We sat on a bench and watched all the sailboats dodge the ferries in Toronto Harbour. We talked and talked and talked, about nothing and everything.

It was getting chilly, so we walked back uphill to Queen Street. We were both getting tired and hungry, so we stopped off at the same Indian restaurant where we've eaten twice before, and had some more excellent food. We talked and talked again, and suddenly it was dark.

We walked to the streetcar, and I hugged Sandy goodbye in Spadina Station. I wanted to give him a kiss, but instead I just grabbed him and hugged him again.

He invited me to another home-cooked dinner at his place next weekend. YAY!!!!! What should I bring? Something for dessert?
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