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A step too far? May I say this word so soon?

Saturday, Sandy and I walked to the house of his friend, Vaheed. Vaheed's house looks tiny on the inside, but has a huge, elegant interior. We were there to celebrate the birthday of Salvatore, Vaheed's boyfriend. Another friend of theirs, Terry, also came along.

The five of us snacked on beautifully-presented Italian appetizers, and then sat out in the garden sipping cucumber-and-mint drinks. As it got dark, we moved inside for a wonderful variety of Italian and Persian dishes. They looked so beautiful that I insisted that Salvatore had to take some pictures of the food before we ate. Even the rice was amazing, as it had been simmered in coconut milk. The taste and texture were both awesome.

We all talked and talked and talked. They were all full of interesting stories. I was pleased to note that Sandy and I have had enough adventures together that we were able to share some stories of our own.

During all the talking, Salvatore was telling me how amazing Sandy is. He said that everyone loves Sandy. I said, "So do I", and blushed.

Later, out in the garden, I said to Sandy that it might be too early in the relationship to say so, but I love him. He said, "Me too."

Later that night, and over breakfast, and in an e-mail, I repeated it again and again to him.

Is it too soon? Am I rushing things?
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