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Weekend with Sandy - and my butt really hurts now!

I worked long hours last week, so my boss said I could leave early Friday. Work being work, that meant I raced home after 6, packed my things, and got to Sandy's place by 8 PM.

We snuggled a lot, and did a new thing. And just before we left the apartment Saturday morning, I pounced on him and we did it again!

So, Saturday afternoon, we went to Port Credit. Sandy had driven his dad to the airport so he could fly to BC for his 65th high-school reunion, so he was able to use his car. We had lunch at a not-great Indian restaurant, and then walked along the harbour. A group of old men had fishing poles set up, and were sitting and chatting. We noticed that their fishing poles didn't have any lines. I suppose they didn't want any annoying fish to interfere with their conversation. We walked past some rocks where Sandy used to sit and meditate, when suddenly Sandy remembered that the time for the parking meter was about to run out. Cars are so inconvenient! We ran to the car, and got there before we got ticketed.

Sandy then drove me to the bike shop. Our first choice had no bikes (!!!), as they had just refinished their floors and were moving things back in. So, we went to a nearby store, tried out a few, and got one that seemed to fit.

Sandy then left for a birthday dinner with his former co-workers, and I tried peddling home.

Google Maps showed it as a half-hour ride. It took me two hours. As you had recommended, I got a firm seat. It quickly pounded my tail until it hurt unbearably; I ended up walking the bike most of the way home.

Any tips on how to harden up my butt?
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