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Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Fun with Sandy, but now my inner thighs are chafed

Friday after work, I went down to the World Pride events on Church Street. It was packed solid, and the big day wasn't even until Sunday. The Trans March attendance was overwhelming, and the street was jammed with people. I didn't buy anything at the kiosks, but at the CAMH trailer, I gave a saliva specimen and answered a survey on LGBT sex and drugs. I don't think their survey was intended for a gay cis-guy dating a gay transman, so I may have broken their study.

I got some pulled pork with rice and peas from a kiosk. A person asked me for money for food, so I offered to buy him something; he turned me down, and angrily said he just wanted money for food, not food. I still don't get that - even if he's not going to use the money for food, everyone needs to eat, and if I give him food, he doesn't have to spend his own money to eat later on.

Saturday, I loaded up the expandable panniers on my bike. My CPAP machine fit into the top part, and the air hose and power cables fit into a side carrier. Clothes and several litres of water fit in elsewhere. Then, I started peddling off to see Sandy!

Google Maps says it should take 52 minutes to bike there. But I got lost, and ended up in Lawrence Heights instead of The Annex. Google Maps says it should have taken 71 minutes the way I went. I got there two hours after I started, nearly out of water, sunburnt and bleeding from three gashes in my calf. I do have to admit that it was an interesting ride, and I got to see part of Toronto that I had never seen before. I also saw an Eckert Tolle book at a yard sale, and bought it. It turns out Sandy has it too!

I was hot and dripping sweat and blood, and didn't want to mess up his place, so I suggested that Sandy come out biking with me. He agreed, and we peddled over to High Park. I got to ride behind him and watch his cute behind bouncing up and down. He's so graceful and elegant on the bike! His shirt billowed out in the breeze as his wheels maneuvered agilely between potholes and storm drains, dodging taxis and parked cars with ease. I lost him for a bit, and he had to wait for me to catch up.

When we got to High Park, we went to a Starbucks so I could urgently go to the bathroom. We then sat and had expensive drinks, and then went for a walk in the park. We sat and had pleasant conversation on a bench looking out over a ravine - but then I urgently had to run to the filthy park bathroom. Biking is not good to my inner bits.

We walked to a nearby pub, and I had a burger and fries while Sandy had wings. The big-screen TVs were showing CBC with the sound off, while music blared. When there was a news special about World Pride, the pub staff turned off the music and turned on the sound. The pub customers (mostly opposite-sex couples) cheered and clapped. I love this city!

We peddled home, showered together, and went straight to sleep. Barely any snuggling at all, as we were so tired from biking!

Sandy ended up sleeping twelve hours, and I slept 15. We woke up, and then did our new thing again. This time we did it four times. In a row. Without stopping. And without letting go of each other even once. I did not know that it was possible! Lots of muscle strain on both our parts, though.

Sandy then made me a wonderful breakfast. Scrambled eggs baked in muffin tins with cheese on top, with salad and strong coffee with cream. He's so good to me!

Sandy had a client that afternoon, so we couldn't go to the last day of World Pride and get back in time. Instead, we went to a nearby park, and he taught me to meditate.

Afterwards, I peddled back home, taking another two hours, and collapsed into bed. I was exhausted and sunburnt, with oozing scabs on my leg, and my bike seat had chafed the skin off my inner thighs. Oddly, I was peaceful, happy, and relaxed.
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