Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Black Books

The British TV series "Black Books" is awesome and hilarious. An aggressively antisocial used bookstore owner (Bernard Black), his awkward assistant (Mannie), and their wiser, more socially adept, but still flawed friend Fran interact, and the end result is astoundingly funny.


Tuesday was Canada Day, so I had the day off work. Sandy was going to massage someone at a nursing home downtown, so I was planning to piddle my bike down there so we could have lunch together. Fortunately, Sandy got several additional bookings after that, and he was booked solid all afternoon, with no time to meet up. So, I cleaned my apartment instead. It is so nice and clean! Now I feel somewhat comfortable inviting Sandy over to my place sometime!

I'm very much looking forward to piddling my bike over to see him again this weekend.
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