Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Two weekends with Sandy

Two weekends ago, I fell ill while visiting Sandy. He said I was giving off as much heat as a furnace. I slept and slept, while he kept me hydrated and brought me crackers and bananas. I was too sick to pedal home, so I left my bike at his place and took a taxi back.

At work, we had an external auditor visit from the US to poke into our process. I kept running to the washroom in between answering his questions. These frequent trips served as a useful excuse for changing the topic whenever he started ranting about how a foreign usurper had stolen the presidency, and was destroying the US with socialized healthcare sapping people's initiative, and bringing in so many immigrants that white people were outnumbered. Oddly, his comments about my city's diverse, multicultural population were quite positive.

Sandy was given a gift certificate to a bed-and-breakfast in Niagara-On-The-Lake in exchange for a massage. He wanted to bring me along, but it was only good on a weekday. He decided that the weather was so nice that he would bike there. From Toronto. He ran out of energy by St. Catherines, and took a taxi the rest of the way. He had a awkward stay at the bed-and-breakfast, where he had to listen to the rants of a racist homophobe guest (who sadly, turned out to be an OPP officer). Coming back, he was in so much pain that he put his bike on the rack of a GO bus and came back that way.

Last Saturday, both Sandy and I just wanted to sleep, so we didn't meet up until supper. I took a taxi to a pub where he bought us dinner with gift certificates which he had received in exchange for a massage. I had Yorkshire pudding, roast beast, and toffee pudding, while Sandy had butter chicken pie. We then went back to his place, and I did my best to massage the knots out of his hip. He then had flu-like symptoms, so I stocked his kitchen with soups, juices, crackers, oral rehydration formula, and other comforting items.

Sunday night, I biked back from his place - it only took 90 minutes!
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