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Dinner with Sandy

Saturday afternoon, I met Sandy at Chester subway station. He reached to hug me; I was sad and paranoid at first, but it was so good to feel his embrace after he drew me to him. We walked to a Greek restaurant, and sat and ate and talked.

So, we're not back together, but we're not quite apart. He doesn't want to be with me as he finds me so draining, but he doesn't want to be with anyone else. He is willing to try meeting occasionally to find the maximum safe dosage of me. I agreed eagerly, and said that I don't want to be a vampire sucking him dry of his will to live, but will be a mosquito, annoying but only removing a small amount of his vital essences. I told him that I wouldn't extract all the juice from him and leave him like a dried-up orange rind. He said that he wished he could think of a better way to describe how exhausted I make him, so I'd use different analogies.

I told him that I'd take whatever droplets of his time that I could, but that if he was just stringing me along to avoid hurting me, it'd be less cruel to give me baseless hope. He said that was not the case.

It seemed like he enjoyed our conversation, but he's always so polite and kind, it's hard to tell.

We walked up and down the street for a bit after dinner, and then went back to the subway station to go to our separate homes.
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