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What do I say?

A few weeks ago, I gave a tour of our factory to a customer representative from Arizona. As with most of the visitors we have from that region, she was shocked by the diversity of Toronto. Unlike all the others, she was PLEASANTLY shocked, and did not freak out and ask where she could rent a gun to protect herself from the Torontonians.

Grumpy all week. Things picked up a bit when I managed to get out of a meeting with an annoying customer, but still not good. The desk drawer that my co-workers broke is still not fixed. I'm going to have to get the cabinet replaced, which isn't going to happen soon.

The Prime Minister came to tour my workplace today. We all wear loose white labcoats with big pockets stuffed full of scalpels, dental picks, and other sharp pointy things, which freaked out the P.M.'s security. A few people got frisked before they got to take selfies with our Glorious Leader. I was too busy working to go see the action, but others built up their collection of photos. Some of my teammates have had photos taken of them with every Prime Minister and Premier of Ontario that we've had in the past decade.

I worked from just after 9 AM to 11 PM, then gave up on all the remaining work that needed doing and came home. I had an e-mail from Sandy, the first contact since we had dinner together. I started to cry. It said,

How's it going Resonant?
Thinking of you.

What do I say?
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