Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Apartment eventfulness

The recent cold weather seems to have dried and shrunk the wood framing of my apartment building. When trying to close the door, it fell off. The rusty screws in the hinges pulled right out of the antique, splintered wood frame. My landlord kindly screwed it back on (using the minimum number of screws, so it won't hold for long, I fear).

Then I foolishly tried to warm myself up by making a pot of coffee at the same time that the heating system fan was running. I lost all power to my apartment. My landlord kindly fixed it for me. He also gave me a new, clean filter for the heating system, at no charge!

He then announced that he had received a new computer for Christmas, and that I could repay him by setting it up for him. I transferred his files and settings to the new computer while he chainsmoked. This is a very positive thing - his kids got him an all-in-one unit with webcam, speakers, CPU, and such built right into the monitor, with no wires to knock loose or miscommunicating peripherals to cause headaches. My unpaid tech support work will plummet! Unfortunately, I still need to get my toilet fixed, and need to do my landlord a favour in exchange for that.

His wife had him give me some cookies as I left. He then told me that my rent was in arrears, as he was retroactively increasing the rent effective to last August.
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