Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Doctor appointment

I took today off work, and went to the doctor today to get my prescription refilled. While I was there, my doctor also gave me a booster shot for Hepatitis B. If you haven't gotten your HepA, HepB, and HPV shots, please go get them - better to get a quick jab than to suffer unnecessarily.

I dumped my former retirement investment planning company because they were exploiting desperate people by offering unpaid internships with a faint hope of future employment (unethical, and also illegal in my province). I met with a new advisor at a new company, but he quit. Today I met with my new, new advisor. He seemed to be ethical and intelligent. I also subtly brought up that I was LGBT; he didn't freak out, which was also nice.

rfmcdpei mentioned that the cafe 7West was well-reviewed, so I went there for a late lunch / early dinner. It is very quaint, in a wooden-floored townhouse with battered wood tables, heavy draperies, and crystal chandeliers. The grilled cheese sandwiches (with bacon) were so awesome, I had two.
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