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A non-date with Sandy!!!!

Sandy e-mailed me, and said he wanted to get together. I eagerly raced downtown, and showed up early to meet him at Wellesley subway station. We went to our favourite Indian restaurant on Queen Street, and for the first time had their buffet. It wasn't bad, but I prefer their a la carte menue. We talked and talked and talked, about nothing in particular. It was awesome.

I had bought a large number of winter hats to hand out to homeless people (and gave a handful to Sandy so he could do the same), but Sandy thought we could do better, providing people with more essentials. We walked along Queen and up Spadina looking for a coffee shop with wireless, so we could search for supplies. All of the places were full. It was so cold that once we got to Kensington Market, we ducked into MoonBeans (a coffee shop) to warm up. There was no usable wireless signal there, so we brainstormed ideas and Sandy wrote them in his Moleskine notebook. Basically, it'll be a small duffel bag with toiletries, socks, underwear, and other essentials, partially customized to meet people's individual needs.

We then went to Spadina subway station, and hugged before we parted.

I wish Sandy still loved me.
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