Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Any death is a tragedy

harvey_rrit posted a question. He asked, if people who hated gays were killed while unarmed, would that be considered "civilian casualties" or "a good start".

I consider it murder.

I am gay. I just came back from visiting gay-hating relatives and neighbors, in a rural region of a province where gay people are frequently harassed and killed. When I was in school, my optometrist's son was killed for being gay. I came out during university, and was harassed and threatened. A year ago, one of the few openly gay men in a town where I lived was stabbed and paralyzed. However, killing any of the homophobes living in my birth province, except to halt them in the act of killing someone else, would be murder.

If someone is actively trying to harm someone else, then the use of force to stop that specific person may be justified. However, the death of anyone, even a devout homophobe that would kill me if he could, is not desirable. Carpet-bombing my home province, or using drones to blow up the houses of some of my former neighbours, or waterboarding and indefinitely detaining my former classmates, or performing other war crimes might be emotionally satisfying. However, it would be intensely wrong.

Unless you are prepared to commit genocide, you can't change the world by killing everyone who disagrees with you, or that dislikes you, or that you dislike.

No population, however uniform it may seem, is completely full of people who dislike you.

There is no way you can kill just the people in a population who dislike you.

People who hate you now may not hate you forever; attitudes change slowly, but they do change.

Killing someone, whether they dislike you or not, turns all of their friends and relatives (whether they disliked you or not) into lifelong enemies who will hate you forever.

And most importantly - someone hating you and wishing you harm isn't a crime, and isn't causing you harm. Only actions can cause harm, and only actions could ever potentially require response with lethal force.
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