Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Heated driveways and furry butts

The house next to my apartment building was torn down, and is being replaced by a mansion. The builders laid coils of pipe underneath the driveway and walkway before pouring the concrete slab. I can only assume that the owners plan on running hot water through the coils to melt snow and ice. I predict they will only do so for one winter at most.

The first reason is cost. The Irving family famously installed a heated driveway in their estate in New Brunswick; even though they owned an oil refinery, they still found the fuel bill too high for their liking.

The second reason is racoons. The first time they turn on the driveway heating coils, an army of furry mammals will swarm over it and plop their behinds onto the warm concrete.

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