Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Computer stuff

Got home from work after 10 PM last night. Note on door from landlord: I need to fix his computer. Rang his doorbell, no answer, I went to bed.
Got home from work around 7 PM tonight. Note in mailbox from landlord: on top of the recent retroactive rent increase backdated to last August, he is raising the rent again effective May.

Went to landlord's door. He said his brand-new computer was going really slow. I checked - it was going as slowly as his old one had. He asked why I hadn't set it up properly. I said a common cause of this problem was going to nasty porn sites. He was not happy with me. I tried rebooting. No joy. After half an hour, his cigarette smoke and loud TV was getting on my nerves. I said I had to hook it up to my computer to fix it. Lies - I just wanted to be able to breath. Carried it home, now trying to get it to work.
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