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Free Books - Neal Stephenson

I have a lot of books that I probably won't read again. Some are bad, some are good, but I won't be re-reading them. If you are in southern Ontario or Nova Scotia, please let me know if you'd like me to bring them to you. Regretfully, rising postage costs means that it's not feasible to mail them to you.

This batch is Neal Stephenson's "Baroque Cycle" series. It is an epic and indescribable tale set in the 17th century onwards, where characters interact with key historical figures and explore the development of mathematics, science, chemistry, and society. Flawed, excessively verbose, but incredibly complex and absorbing. WARNING: Like most of Stephenson's writing, there is no real ending. The book "Cryptonomicon", although written before the others, serves as sort of a finale.

As well, there is Stephenson's "Reamde". This is about the creator of a massively multiplayer online game dealing with ransomware, hackers, terrorists, and so forth.


Poll #1996776 Free Books

Please select any books you'd like. If multiple people want the same book, I'll decide randomly.

Quicksilver (hardcover)
The Confusion (hardcover)
The System of the World (hardcover)
Cryptonomicon (trade paperback)
Reamde (hardcover)

[edited to change poll to checkboxes]
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