Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Weekend and today

Saturday, I went downtown and met Sandy. We picked up some medicated hand cream for him at a store in Chinatown, then ate at a vegetarian restaurant in Kensington Market. I had a large bowl of hot-and-sour soup (good on a cold day), and vegetarian roast duck with plum sauce. Sandy had a vegetarian chicken dish. We then bought some vegetables, and took one of the new, sleek streetcars to the subway station. Total time together: 2.5 hours. Total time spent getting to and from downtown to be with him: 2 hours. Oddly, I felt bitter about this, even though find it relaxing to read while traveling downtown on transit.

Sunday, I met with Deita, now that she has recovered from a terrible eye infection she got while working at the recycling plant. Her reading is excellent. She read a very long article about high food prices for the Inuit in Nunavut, and a Globe & Mail article about a poor family struggling to get by in Vancouver on just $25,000 a month. We had fun practicing with her math skills with the second article. As her reading is fine, we'll work on writing skills next week.



Today, after work, I went to the gym for the first time in ages. 101 kg ( 222 lbs ) - a new record! That's my weight, not how much I can benchpress, sadly. Got home, greeted by a note from my landlord saying he needed me to come over to help with his computer. I got to his door, rang the bell ... and the light in his apartment went out. Hey, I'm coming to help, not ask you to do maintenance! So, I left a note saying I had come over, and that he could knock on my door if he got back by 8:30 PM. I specified the time as I have to go to work early tomorrow.

Now, sleep!
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