Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The stink of clean

Wednesday, I had to leave work early as my digestive tract was working super-fast. Spent Thursday at home, resting. Well, trying to rest - my boss and co-workers kept paging me and asking questions. I guess it's good to be needed and wanted at work. Friday, I stayed at work until nearly 9 PM catching up, and looked forward to resting Saturday.

But my dreams of sleeping in on Saturday were foiled when my landlord knocked on my door to see if my carbon monoxide detector was working. "Good AFTERNOON", he said when he saw me sleepily answering the door. He knows that I work late, since that frustrates him when he wants computer help; he doesn't have to be snide. Of course, it actually WAS afternoon, so he did have a point.

Sunday, I was woken by a drowning sensation. Condensation had formed inside the air hose of my CPAP machine. It had dropped to single digit temperatures inside my room. The outside temperature was so low that the battery on my wireless thermometer had stopped working; CBC said it was -24. I put on multiple layers of clothing, and trudged to my tutoring session at the local library. On the way, I stopped at the post office to warm up and mail another batch of parcels. When I got to the tutoring, I whined and moaned about how cold it was. My student was sympathetic, but pointed out that she is from Jamaica, and spends ten hours every day working outdoors wearing less clothing than I had on. And to think that when I was younger, I'd wait for the school bus in this weather with just torn skin-tight jeans, a denim jacket, and my long flowing hair to keep me warm.

On the way home, my illness from Wednesday returned. I trudged faster and faster, and managed to get inside before bad things happened. I didn't pause to take my boots off as I raced to the bathroom. But then, just as I got onto the tile floor, a hot gush of foul liquid burst forth and filled my pants. It squirted through the clothing and (somewhat filtered) sprayed the lower parts of the walls. I shall not describe it further, other than to say I am impressed by the hydrodynamic pressure that can be generated by my digestive system.

I went straight into the shower, and removed and rinsed my clothes as best I could before doing multiple loads of laundry. I scrubbed the bathroom clean, until the harsh bleach smells overwhelmed everything else.

Now I'm in bed, sipping water mixed with diced lemons and oranges. Tomorrow is a holiday, so I hope I can get better before work on Tuesday.
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