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FREE BOOKS: Science fiction paperbacks

I'm giving away books that I won't re-read, and books where I have multiple copies. If you'd like any of these, comment to list the ones you want. If multiple people want the same book, I'll toss a coin. Preference given to people in southern Ontario (so I can hand-deliver them to you) or in Canada (so I can mail them to you at reasonable cost).

If you are in the US and really really want some of them, I'll need your full legal name, address, and telephone number for the customs paperwork. For people outside the US and Canada - unless the book isn't available in your region, the postage would likely be more than the price of buying it locally.

Dan Abnett - Embedded - a war journalist on a far-off planet very much like Afghanistan

John Joseph Adams, editor - Armored - military SF with battlesuits

Poul Anderson - Man-Kzin Wars - Inconstant Star - humans fight space kitties

Neal Asher - Shadow of the Scorpion
Neal Asher - Polity Agent
Neal Asher - The Line of Polity
Neal Asher - The Technician
Neal Asher - The Departure
Neal Asher - Cowl

Robert Asprin - Time Scout - time travelers go back and get stuff

James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 1, #2 - science fiction short stories
James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 1, #3 - science fiction short stories
James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 2, #1 - science fiction short stories
James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 2, #2 - science fiction short stories
James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 2, #3 - science fiction short stories
James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 2, #4 - science fiction short stories
James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 3, #1 - science fiction short stories
James Baen, Editor - Destinies - vol. 3, #2 - science fiction short stories

Ian M. Banks - Consider Phlebas

Stephen Baxter - Vacuum Diagrams - short stories

Greg Bear - Darwin's Radio - ancient code in DNA turns humans into radio transmitters

Bert Bethke - Headcrash - cyberpunk novel, involves a ProctoProd neural interface for internet browsing over dialup.
Bruce Bethke and Vox Day - Rebel Moon - rebellion on the moon - WARNING: Contains Vox Day assholeness

Ben Bova - Mars - first exploration of Mars

Reginald Bretnor, editor - The Future At War Vol. 2 - The Spear of Mars - military SF, short stories and essays
Reginald Bretnor, editor - The Future At War Vol. 3 - Orion's Sword - military SF, short stories and essays

Robert Buettner - Orphanage - Starship Troopers homage
Robert Buettner - Orphan's Destiny - Starship Troopers homage

Jeff Carlson - Plague Year - nanobots eat everything below 10,000 feet. People live on mountaintops
Jeff Carlson - Plague War - nanobots eat the nanobots that ate everything.
Jeff Carlson - Plague Zone - Canadian author Tanya Huff is eaten by nanobots

Paul Chafe - Man-Kzin Wars - Destiny's Forge [SIGNED] - humans fight space kitties

Arthur C. Clarke - The Best of Arthur C. Clarke 1937-1955

Robert Conroy - 1942 - what if Japan invaded Hawaii during WWII?
Robert Conroy - Rising Sun - more pondering about potential WWII Pacific naval outcomes [hardcover]
Robert Conroy - 1945 - what if Japan kept on fighting after the first atomic bombs were dropped?

James S.A. Corey - Caliban's War - space opera in the asteroids

Kathyrn Cramer and David Hartwell, editors - Year's Best SF 16 - short stories

James Doohan and S&M Stirling - Privateer - Scottie does antishipping raids in space
Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams, editors - Isaac Asimov's Christmas - SF stories with a Christmas setting. Thankfully contains no Asimov.
Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann, editors - Beyond Singularity - short stories

David Drake et al, editors - Battlestation - humans build a Death Star to fight space weasels

Philip Jose Farmer - Riverworld and other stories

Eric Flint - Grantville Gazette - 1990s US town timetravels to 1630s Germany
Eric Flint - Grantville Gazette II - 1990s US town timetravels to 1630s Germany
Eric Flint - Grantville Gazette III - 1990s US town timetravels to 1630s Germany

Alan Dean Foster - Codgerspace - senior citizens battle sentient home appliances

Robert Frezza - A Small Colonial War - Finnish mercenaries paid by Japanese conglomorates put down a revolt on a planet colonized by South African racists and US cowboys.

Esther Friesner - Chicks In Chainmail - feminist swords-and-sorcery
Esther Friesner - Chicks'n Chained Males - feminist swords-and-sorcery
Esther Friesner - Did You Say Chicks? - feminist swords-and-sorcery

David Gerrold - Yesterday's Children - warship chases an enemy (or possible sensor glitch)

William Gibson - Distrust That Particular Flavor - nonfiction essays on technology

Martin H. Greenberg et al, editors - The Mutant Files - short stories about mutants

James L. Halperin - The Truth Machine - foolproof lie detector changes society, but it has a backdoor built in by the creator.

Harry Harrison - Homeworld - autocratic dystopia, not much different from today
Harry Harrison - Prime Number - short stories
Harry Harrison - The Stainless Steel Rat - a bank robber in the future
Harry Harrison - A Stainless Steel Rat is Born - a shoplifter becomes a bank robber, and escalates to vandalism and stealing from vending machines.
Harry Harrison - The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted - a thief gets put in the army

David G. Hartwell - Year's Best SF 3 - short stories

Robert Heinlein - Citizen of the Galaxy - free enterprise is good even for slaves?
Robert Heinlein - J.O.B. - A Comedy of Justice - God and Satan use a person as a plaything
Robert Heinlein - The Green Hills of Earth - short stories
Robert Heinlein - To Sail Beyond the Sunset - time-traveler has sex with her kids
Robert Heinlein - Farmer In The Sky - colonizing Ganymede
Robert Heinlein - Time Enough For Love - time-traveler has sex with his mom

John G. Hemry - Stark's War - rebellion on a lunar colony

James Hogan - Inherit The Stars - a 50,000 year old astronaut's corpse is found on the moon
James Hogan - The Two Faces of Tomorrow - an AI is tested on a space station
James Hogan - Voyage from Yesteryear - a second wave of colonists to a planet clashes with the first colonists
James Hogan - Tomorrow is Too Far - time travel
James Hogan - Rockets, Redheads, and Revolution - essays that made me not want to read James Hogan's writing any more.

Michael P. Kube-McDowell - Struggles to launch an interstellar colony

Scott Lynch - The Lies of Locke Lamora
Scott Lynch - Red Seas Under Red Skies

Ken Macleod - The Sky Road
Ken Macleod - The Stone Canal
Ken Macleod - Dark Light

Paul J. McAuley - Red Dust - set in the early days of Mars colonization
Paul J. McAuley - Cowboy Angels - the US interferes on multiple alternate universes

Wil McCarthy - Bloom - Nanobots eat Earth and the inner solar system. Humans hide at Jupiter.

Michael McCollum - Life Probe - aliens get humans to fix their spaceship

Elizabeth Moon - Trading In Danger - young woman's first command of an interstellar trading ship
Elizabeth Moon - Winning Colors - young woman kicked out of space academy saves the universe
Elizabeth Moon - Once A Hero - Cadet is caught up in a mutiny, and she becomes senior surviving officer

Mike Moscoe - They Also Serve - military SF [two copies]
Mike Moscoe - The Price of Peace - space battles
Mike Moscoe - Lost Days - time travelers go to neolithic times to alter history

Larry Niven - Ringworld - a rotating ring around a star is inhabited by many cultures
Larry Niven - Neutron Star - short stories
Larry Niven, creator - Man-Kzin Wars - humans fight rat-cat aliens with retractable penes
Larry Niven, creator - Man-Kzin Wars IV
Larry Niven, creator - Man-Kzin Wars V
Larry Niven, creator - Man-Kzin Wars VI
Larry Niven, creator - Man-Kzin Wars VIII - Choosing Names

Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. - Mayflies - a generation ship's AI is frustrated with the short lifespans of its human passengers

Charles Pellegrino - Flying to Valhalla - genocide is the best way to deal with aliens?

H.Beam Piper - Uller Uprising - humans fight lizards. Thinly veiled racism.
H.Beam Piper - Four Day Planet and Lone Star Planet - did not age well
H.Beam Piper - The Other Human Race - humans find fuzzy aliens, debate if they are intelligent

Jerry Pournelle - A Step Farther Out - science essays
Jerry Pournelle - Janissaries - Earth mercenaries serve aliens on a far-off planet with medieval technology
Jerry Pournelle - Janissaries: Clan and Crown - Earth mercenaries take over a medieval planet
Jerry Pournelle, editor - There Will Be War - military SF stories
Jerry Pournelle, editor - There Will Be War III - military SF stories
Jerry Pournelle, editor - There Will Be War IV - military SF stories
Jerry Pournelle, editor - There Will Be War IX - military SF stories

Rob Reid - Year Zero - Very good book about aliens listening to human radio broadcasts and falling in love with human music ... and then finding out that they are legally obliged to pay royalties to the human artists.

Alastair Reynolds - Pushing Ice
Alastair Reynolds - Terminal World
Alastair Reynolds - Galactic North

No John Ringo No - A Hymn Before Battle - alien crocodile centaurs fight humans
No John Ringo No - Hell's Faire - alien crocodile centaurs fight humans. This is where the author stopped paying attention to his editors. [hardcover]
No John Ringo No - The Last Centurion - near-future crap, poorly written
No John Ringo No - Live Free or Die - aliens are addicted to Earth maple syrup, leading to space battles. Crap, poorly written. [hardcover]

Spider Robinson - Telempath - intelligent clouds talk with humans with hypersensitive noses
Spider Robinson - Lifehouse - timetravellers rewrite people's memories

Al Sarrantonio, editor - Redshift - short stories

John Scalzi - The Last Colony - soldiers retire to a far-off colony

Susan Schwartz - Hostile Takeover - Accountants In Space!

Charles Sheffield - The Web Between The Worlds - space elevator construction
Charles Sheffield - Dancing With Myself - science fiction stories and essays

Rick Shelley - Jump Pay - military SF about infantry that lands from space
Rick Shelley - Side Show - military SF
Rick Shelley - Lieutenant - military SF
Rick Shelley - Return to Camerein - rescue mission seven years after an invasion [two copies]

Mike Shepherd - Kris Longknife - Deserter - Space marine looks for her friend

Allen Steele - Clarke County, Space - an O'Neal colony is not idylic
Allen Steele - Lunar Descent - labour dispute on a moon colony
Allen Steele - All-American Alien Boy - short stories
Allen Steele - Rude Astronauts - short stories
Allen Steele - Tranquillity Alternative - alternative history where the US militarizes the moon. Noteworthy for having a lesbian astronaut.
Allen Steele - Labyrinth of Night - exploring Mars

George R. Stewart - Earth Abides - a classic post-apocolyptic novel. Disease kills most humans.

Bruce Sterling, editor - Mirrorshades - cyberpunk short stories

Amy Stout et al, editors - Full Spectrum 2 - short stories

Travis S. Taylor - The Quantum Connection - aliens attack Earth

Patrick Tilley - The Amtrak Wars Book II - The First Family - US presidential dynasty rules an underground city in a post-apocolyptic US [two copies]
Patrick Tilley - The Amtrak Wars Book III - Iron Master - Japanese migrants inhabit the post-apocolyptic east coast of the US
Patrick Tilley - The Amtrak Wars Book V - Death Bringer - Strife in a post-apocolyptic US

Harry Turtledove - The Great War: Breakthroughs - What would happen during WWI if the Slaver's Revolt in the US had succeeded. Includes invasion of Canada on three fronts. [two copies]
Harry Turtledove - American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold - what would happen in the US in 1924 if the Slaver's Revolt had succeeded.
Harry Turtledove - Colonization Second Contact - aliens invade during WWII. Humans keep fighting each other.

John Varley - Rolling Thunder - Martian navy ship adventures

David Weber and John Ringo - March to the Sea - marooned human soldiers hike across a planet populated by intelligent, violent lizards.
David Weber - On Basilisk Station - a captain and her six-legged telepathic treecat defend a vital planet with inadequate resources.
David Weber - The Honor Of The Queen - A female officer and her six-legged telepathic treecat are assigned as liason to a planet of sexist idiots that don't appreciate treecats
David Weber - House of Steel - The Honorverse Companion [HARDCOVER]
David Weber - Field of Dishonor - an officer and her six-legged telepathic treecat have a duel
David Weber - In Enemy Hands - a captain and her six-legged telepathic treecat are put on a prison planet
David Weber - Ashes of Victory - a captain and her six-legged telepathic treecat (bravely fighting a celery addiction) escape from a prison planet and attack their enemies
David Weber - The Excalibur Alternative - aliens use medieval knights as mercenaries on far-off planets
David Weber - By Heresies Distress - an android helps rebuild civilzation on a planet where the humans are deliberately trying to maintain radio silence to hide from genocidal aliens
David Weber - Worlds of Honor - short stories

James White - Mind Changer - a space hospital for aliens has a psychiatrist about to retire.
James White - Major Operation - a space hospital for aliens

Michael Z. Williamson - The Weapon - A soldier from a libertarian planet attacks Earth, bravely blowing up several large skyscrapers and killing thousands of office workers ... then 9/11 happened, so the author wrote this book to weasel out of the plothole he wrote himself into.

Allen Wold - V: The Crivit Experiment - space lizards invade, find humans tasty
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